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Warning: Suspected Spoilers!!!

It tells a story about an ordinary person like you, childhood experiences and grow along with it in the process of the mind, mood changes, your desire for the game, the pursuit of, and in order to satisfy the desire must be done, in order to buy game consoles and even save the money from the lunch. And years later, you become mature, also has the money, but demand is also becoming more, The colorful life takes up all your energy, and with infinite pressure from work and career development fast run out, give you strength is silently game, those who accompany you grow, only they can fill your heart, you want to go back to childhood again, back to the original pure heart shape.


  • A wonderful fluid content understanding puzzle game
  • A let you return to the childhood memoir
  • A book on our commitments with games, growth, compressive, return to the beginner's mind, resonant graffiti diary
  • Beautiful background music sound of collocation let you immersed in memories


  • Play with advanced process of fluid physical algorithm core puzzles
  • The shape of the fill graffiti with fluid to open up the way forward
  • Activate the pump lead the fluid into hard to reach place Through a very challenging puzzles to choose different affecting outcome
  • A different achievements Color and subsequent content fluid mixture color will achievement as the puzzles and challenges

Future Features

  • One of the elements of sound will become puzzle game
  • Add more physical algorithm and special fluid changes ascending levels richness
  • The game will make you fully experience the growth process is divided into sections of s feeling and plot elements
  • Add up the game special STEAM badges


Current for the DEMO version, release version will redesign levels and sections, and add more abundant. The DEMO version of the main line to create artistic conception and the narrative is given priority to, level is not difficult, but interested players can try to challenge to achieve several objectives (these goals will take part in the challenge to the official version of the achievement):

  1. Gold FC handle (only pig piggy bank fluid fill FC handle)
  2. old playstation (only pig piggy bank fluid fill PS handle)
  3. Don't like Reading (Don't activate the book until release the PS handle)
  4. Skip the Geometry classes (not activate geometry)
  5. Refuse to do the experiment (don't let the experiment's white liquid come out)
  6. Black test paper (Test paper completely change into black)
  7. Pure black version of the PS (fill PS with black fluid)

In order to make more perfect experience of the game, we need your support, thank you!


The Shape Of Heart - Demo v2.7z 27 MB